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Do you think you have what it takes to become a writer? We would love to find out!


We have limited space and many writers, so please submit only one thing at a time, no more than 8 stories per year.


Our issues fill up five to six months in advance, so if your story is centered around a particular time of year (a holiday or season) submit it six months before you expect it to be printed. We can't accept last minute submissions!


We publish material from all ages (our youngest writer was 6!) on a variety of topics, but do require a few things from our writers.


Please read carefully the following and Download Our Official Writer's Guidelines.


We Print Local & American Writers

Out-of-country submissions will be declined. Out-of-state submissions are fine, but only if they fit our writer's guidelines. Colorado-based writers are welcome to submit, provided we have some indication that you are familiar with our publication and are writing in our unique flavor.
All Manuscripts Must Include Your Name & Address. We get submissions all the time with no name or return address on the manuscript. Don't do that!
Submissions Must Be Family-Friendly. No drinking, no vulgar content, no bad language or abuses of God's name. Our readers love our material because it's appropriate for all ages.

E-mail submissions to:
charity at prairietimes.com
or mail to:
Prairie Times Editor

Box 880

Byers, CO 80103


Acceptance & Payment:


Turn-around time on an e-mail manuscript is usually a response within a week (unless you submit the last week of the month; then, our editor is busy designing the next publication's layout, and reading your e-mail will be postponed until the first week of the next month). Paper manuscripts may take longer response times.


We pay by the word. Payment follows the publication (usually 3 weeks later) and is generated on final word count.