Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Next door to the Carriage Shoppes in Elizabeth is the perfect place for a teahouse. One can browse antiques, gifts, and the many booths the antique shop has to offer, and then stop in for scones and Devonshire cream, a hot sandwich with a side of fresh fruit and a delicious creamy dip, or a hot fudge sundae.


Andrea Schiffbauer has owned The Teaspoon since January. Free-spirited and animal loving, when Andrea isn’t in the kitchen or taking your order she’s teaching exercise classes or modeling. When I asked her what prompted her to take over the restaurant, she said, “I have a passion for tea and the tradition that surrounds afternoon tea. I love the sophistication and comfort of creating a cozy environment for my customers.”  


Regular afternoons at The Teaspoon host a menu with a variety of choices, but Andrea especially loves hosting high teas. These special events (arranged and decided on the menu in advance) allow you and your guests a choice of teas, followed by four courses (scones and cream, two sets of sandwiches, and dessert). I’ve given and received two of these high teas for birthday celebrations. It’s a wonderful way to feel pampered! (Savor every bite of that delicious scone! Lather it in cream and a dab of jam, and you’ll feel like you’re right at home in the queen’s court!)


Since Andrea decided to take over the shop for the fun of trying something new, I asked her what she loves most about it. She’s a natural baker, so she said the joy of sharing a passion for tea and baked goods with her customers is fulfilling. Andrea believes, “If you have a passion, you should share it. You might kindle a fire in someone to try something new.” She hasn’t ever done anything like this before, and is so grateful for her amazing customer base. She has regulars that come in all the time (including yours truly) but is always excited to meet new people.


The biggest challenge, she says, is knowing how much food to buy and prepare in a way that isn’t wasteful. She can never predict how many customers might come in on any given day, so sometimes she’s running out of things and sometimes she has to take stuff home. But she’s very proud that The Teaspoon is a cozy, comfortable place for customers to take their time and have good conversations. She gets the food out in a timely manner, and then lets her customers relax and enjoy the private, quiet atmosphere. Everyone is welcome.

She also does catering, and would love to talk to you about menu choices and special orders. Andrea hopes to be able to expand more into the community as the business grows. “I’d love to be involved in catering for church activities, and to have baked good booths for local events.” As a fitness instructor, she says, “I’m always happy to talk to people about what to order on the menu that is a healthy choice. I like to give out fair portions to eliminate waste.”


Cooler days and autumn leaves bring on a more peaceful time in our lives, as September arrives. Isn’t it time to reconnect with your friends and share a quiet cup of tea? Do it at The Teaspoon. Andrea will be delighted to meet you. And try The Bronc sandwich. It’s my favorite. ♥