If you have ever shopped in Castle Rock, you have probably bought some incredible fashions from the Women’s Boutique Skadoodles, which features age-appropriate fashions for women wanting to be stylish and practical (no dry cleaning here!).


Since she opened up a second store in Elizabeth, I caught up with the owner, Kimberley Beaver, to ask her a few questions about her business.


Twelve years ago, Skadoodles started as baked goods and specialty gifts. “When the baked goods went away,” Kim says, “we later added women’s fashions to our collection because we couldn’t find stylish fashions for our age group in all the sizes that women were looking for! We started with clothing that appealed to us personally, figuring we’d be wearing it if it didn’t sell! The response from our regular clients was positive and brought us new ones along the way.”


Skadoodles has clothing from XS to 3X and Kim and her employees enjoy helping find fashions to suit their clients. “What surprised me most about owning a business is how attached you become to your customers,” she says. “They become part of our world and we share in their ups and downs. Our customers love our personal service. Our goal is to have our customers want to come back. We are honest if the outfit you are trying on isn’t the best look for you, and help our customers find the right fit.


“My most memorable experience working with a customer was when one of our regular clients brought in a friend. This newcomer watched her friend try on clothes—everything fit and looked great. Then she said, in a quiet voice, ‘You don’t have anything here that would fit me.’ Our response was, ‘We sure do! May I show you a few items I think would look great on you?’ A half hour later, her bag had more choices than her friend’s and the smile on her face was what told us our purchasing choices were good ones!”


Skadoodles continues to up their game with current styles that are age appropriate but still fun. Kim says, “Our newest addition is a shoe line out of New Zealand—stylish but with great foot support.” More importantly, Skadoodles likes to quietly give back to their community. “We feel it is a responsibility to be involved and help those who may need something we can provide. Kim says she models her approach after a company her son-in-law works for who realizes how important it is to value your employees, so they in turn value your customers.


“What I like most about being an entrepreneur is the ability to change with the needs and wants of our customers,” she says. “It also allows me to employ wonderful women as part of my team and have the flexibility that allows us to all have and enjoy family time. If I had any advice to give other future business owners, it would be, don’t try to wear all the ‘hats’! It’s exhausting! Let others make money along with you.”


Kim enjoys living locally due to its kindness, camaraderie and country friendliness. She also likes to support local businesses as often as possible, and prefers to shop in Elizabeth and Kiowa for all her needs.


“I feel it’s important for people to shop local because you get to know the businesses and they try hard to have items that keep customers coming back,” she says. “It’s so important to help support a local person who is working hard to make a living, and local businesses also employ local community members.”


Kim hopes you will join her in giving back to the community. “We have nights,” she says, “where we give a percentage of our sales to assist folks in the community.” She and her employees look forward to meeting you! 4062 Hwy 86, Elizabeth • 303-646-0402