A Visit With Magic Dog


Tucked in the shopping center next to the Post Office in Elizabeth is Magic Dog. When you push through the door, the scent of leashes, dry food, and dog toys fills the air. It’s the scent of love… the customer’s love for their pets, and the love of the owner, Claudia Henning, for animals everywhere. This little haven of pet delights is where she spends much of her time, and where her customers can be assured of the finest products.

Claudia began her pet-centric business adventure 12 years ago on the family ranch near Kiowa, where she offered agility and other training classes for dogs. When Elbert County wanted to Zone the property as commercial to collect more taxes, she moved the business to Elizabeth. Eventually her dog training services were expanded to include grooming as well. But soon, an even bigger idea formed in her mind. Through her constant contact with pet owners, Claudia could see a need for top quality pet nutritional products in the community.

Today, Magic Dog offers a complete line of nutritional products for dogs of all ages and lifestyles. Claudia looks for the best ingredients with best recipes from the best companies. She is proud of the fact that you won’t see recalls on any of the products she carries.

When asked if people should look for the word “Natural” on pet food labels, Claudia shrugs and says, “Anyone can use the word natural; it doesn’t mean anything. I look for the source and where they got the ingredients from—in other words, what’s really in the product."

When asked what people should look for when they read the list of Ingredients on pet food, Claudia’s reply is, “That's why they should shop at Magic Dog, because I do all the homework for them. I do constant study and research to keep abreast of the latest findings in pet nutrition. We have the quality pets deserve at a fair price. What makes Magic Dog unique is that people can come in and get their questions answered versus going to a big box store where there is no one knowledgeable to ask.”

Magic Dog carries pet accessories and toys of every type as well and—not to worry, the kitties aren't left out. Magic Dog carries the Best of the Best in cat food too! If you think your pets deserve the best so they can live long and healthy lives, stop by and see Claudia and her staff soon… and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You’ll be glad you did.