Cover Your Assets: Lee Sherman, Farmer's Insurance Agent


When I first shake hands with Lee Sherman, I notice the twinkle in his eye. Throughout a rainy afternoon meeting, I notice his distinct business sense. He has an instinctive knack for serving the needs of everyone involved, and negotiates with skill and a smile.

He is clearly a people person, and when asked, he says, “I enjoy people. I enjoy spending time with them… my beloved bride Debra and our friends… but also my clients. I consider them to be friends. They know I care.” 

My interest peaked, I ask him how he got into the Insurance business. He laughs and says, “I wanted to do something I knew little to nothing about and I wanted to be my own boss. I was right on both counts. The reason I continue to do this and enjoy doing it is to educate and help others to get the protection they need but not necessarily what they want. I see myself as a risk management expert, not an insurance salesman. When you deal with risk you must consider only two things… first the probability of something happening and second, the consequence when that happens.”

His focus is not merely to insure you, but to help you learn how to protect your loved ones and valuables and plan for the future. “You can rest assured,” he says, “that I will treat what matters to you the way that you would. I am a ‘rocket scientist,’ Chief Engineer on the Shuttle Program, Design lead for the Space Station etc, I had a great career with Boeing for 30 years. I thought I knew something about insurance. I have been insured for the last 30 years and most of that time I was with one insurance company and the same agent, sound familiar? While all agents are professionals and can help you with your insurance needs, not all place customer service first. Customer service is the main reason I wanted to start my own agency. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand your insurance… you can use me!”

Starting up a business is never easy, so I ask him what the biggest challenges he has faced have been. He says that switching from a salary to a commission-based income has been interesting, making personal budgeting difficult. “There are start up costs,” he says. “Finding an office to rent or buy, furniture, computers, phone systems, etc., and finding right places to advertise … however in this case I found the right paper to do this, the Prairie Times. And, when the time comes, finding the right staff to help with my business needs.”

Lee admits that he could “spend hours talking to you about the specific coverage you need,” but he doesn’t want to bore you, so “please come to my office to discuss anything in more detail.” He says most people don’t realize how many others are either uninsured or under insured. “The next time you’re at a four way stop or four way intersection, if there are four cars there, one of them is either uninsured or under-insured. Don’t be one of them. I will always leave you better off when you leave then when you entered my office, either by education or a move to a value added policy that increases you asset protection.”

As a bonus to Prairie Times readers, anyone who mentions having read this interview will get a no obligation review of your existing policy from Lee. “This can take anywhere from 15 min to 2 hours… your choice,” he says. “You may also want to see if a Farmers policy will bring more value to your situation. If your current agent or insurance company has not proactively contacted you every year to go over your policies, you need a new agent. I would like to welcome you to my Farmers family.”

Please drop in and see Lee in person!


Interview Conducted July 2015