The Front Range Kubota Guys! 


It’s a tractor-lover’s heaven in-between Elizabeth and Kiowa, with the arrival of a new Kubota dealership, Front Range Kubota (click to see their ad). It’s been awhile since I’d perused the latest tractors on the market, so I stopped in to talk with the owners, Jeff and Scott. After offering me a cup of coffee, they settled me in a comfy chair.


“Are you a native Coloradoan, Jeff?” I ask, eyeing the shiny line of orange tractors in the parking lot outside.


He shakes his head. “I’m from northwest Iowa farm country. Moved out here 30 years ago. Was in transportation, dirt, and now we’ve decided to take the big leap and for the last quarter of my life I’d like to do something other than run trucks and dirt equipment.”


I glance at his partner. “What about you, Scott? Are you a native?”

“Yeah, if you count moving here when I was two years old!”

I grin. “That works. What’s your background?”

Scott swivels in his chair. “I landscaped with my dad for a number of years, and then went on into the excavation business. I managed the field for one of the largest residential excavators in the state for about twelve years, then partnered up with another guy for another twelve years, and then just recently sold my partnership.”

“And now you’re here with Jeff.”

He nods. “The timing worked out.”

“How did you guys meet?”

The burly guy grins. “He had his own trucking business, and at that same time was operating a machine for me, during that time I was managing the field for an excavating service. So that’s how we got to know each other and a friendship developed.”

I motion to the prime real estate outside. “And you noticed this building became available?”

Jeff shakes his head. “No, this process started about a year ago. I needed to make a change in equipment for my business so I got to talking to one of the dealers I bought the equipment from, and he told me they had an open spot here for a dealership. It got the wheels spinning and it took about a year to find a building. It was a lengthy process.”

Still eyeing the shiny orange mowers, I say, “I think this is a very good location, very visible… kind of out in the boonies, in a way. Do you think most of your future prospects will be farmers and ranchers as well as acreage owners?”

“I think so,” Scott says. “We’re far enough east that I think we’ll pull in the farmers, and there’s a lot of property owners around here, and that seems to be the primary market.”

“Yeah,” Jeff agrees. “We have bigger equipment for the bigger ranches out east. You can avoid all the city traffic if you’re coming from any direction here. “

I take a swig of coffee. “Jeff, what made you decide on Kubota?”

“They’ve got one of the best products there is. If you’re gonna sell something, you might as well sell the best of the best.”

“How about you, Scott?”

Leaning back in his chair, he says, “I think for your money, you get a bigger bang for your buck with this product. They have great product support… it’s just a great company. They back their product 100%! They have great warranty programs. The machines and the equipment hold up. They just rarely break down.”

“Can we take a look at them?”


We walk through the equipment and I pat the wheel of a tractor. “I used Kubota’s when I was landscaping. Those little four wheel drive tractors were just great for working in big yards, spreading rock, moving trees around…”

“Yeah, they’re certainly as handy as a pocket on a shirt,” Jeff laughs. “They work for everybody’s use—and they can do a big job too, it just takes a little bit longer.”

We approach the mower. “I didn’t know Kubota made those.”

Scott nods. “They’ve really become a hot item.”

“They’re real beefy,” Jeff says. “You can take them out in the field if you want to, or mow your yard.”

Scott moves aside to give me a closer look. “They’re really very comfortable to run.”

“And you don’t need a trim mower!” Jeff pipes up. “You can get right up next to things. It’s real nice.”

I admire the lines. “Why should people deal with you guys rather than another brand in another city? What are some of the other things that set you apart?”

Scott grins. “We want to try and be the type of place that people want to come—if nothing else, just to have a cup of coffee with us.”

“People are welcome to just stop in and have a cup of coffee?”


Jeff nods. “That’s what we’re all about, the country atmosphere, the old-school real tractor dealership, not an uptown, pick a number, we’ll sell you more than you need dealership. That’s not who we are. We’re a mom and pop shop.”

We start back to the office. Scott thumbs over his shoulder. “What I’d really like to say about Kubota is this: since they have multiple manufacturing plants in the United States, they not only ensure stateside jobs with American quality, the equipment is readily available. Kubota isn’t like other dealers. There are some noticeable quality differences, if you know much about tractors. We’ve been around skid loaders and tractors pretty much our whole lives. You just notice differences in the way they pay attention to details. These things are built to last.”

“If you’re comparing with all the top tractor guys, Kubota does stuff nobody else does.” Jeff’s face lights up with enthusiasm as he points out, “One of the great features on their excavator is that it has a six-way blade which you cannot find on most other brands. They really do their homework and have a very good reputation.”

Scott pauses in the parking lot. “We’re excited about their skid loaders that they’re coming out with. Right now they have the compact track loaders. They’re holding off a little while on the skid loaders… the thing about Kubota is they won’t release it until it’s right, and they didn’t feel they were there yet. But we’ll finally get to see them in October! Once those skid loaders hit the market, I think people will be real excited about it.”

Jeff leans against one of the mowers in the yard. “But the little tractors… you’re finding a lot more gals who can run a tractor. These are so easy to run it makes it real easy to take care of your property – to get in there and do snow, to mow, clean stalls, whatever… it’s great. They feel comfortable and safe!”

“We’re having a Grand Opening on Saturday, August 17th between 10:00 and 2:00,” Scott pipes up. “We’ll grill burgers, offer soft drinks, give away door prizes… it’ll be a great way to invite people to come by, see our tractors, and get to know us. But of course, people can drop in anytime before then, to look around, buy a mower, have a cup of coffee… it’s a great way to see the newest tractors on the market.”

The phone rings and Scott shakes my hand. “Better go!”

Jeff waves as he steps inside. I approach the front desk. “What do you think of these guys, Bonnie?”

She twinkles at me. “I’ve known them both for a long time. Their highest priority is customer service. They live locally and care about building relationships and building rapport. I think it sets them head and shoulders above the rest, especially in the options that customers have today.”

I finish my coffee and head out to the car. I’ve had a fun visit, and I have a feeling it won’t be my last.


-- CB