Elizabeth Family Dental

It's All About Family


Dr. Boone Terry, of Elizabeth Family Dental, seems to have an underlying mission statement for everyone working there. “Make them feel comfortable.” When you open the door, the first person you will meet is Lisa Mead-Huffman, the Office Manager. Lisa is a woman who makes you feel immediately at ease. She seems to really like people and that’s important for any business. A flat screen TV and all kinds of magazines make your waiting time (if there is any) enjoyable.

After spending six years in the Army, Dr. Terry graduated from dental school, then looked for a place to purchase a practice. He chose Elizabeth Family Dental because he liked the idea of serving a community, rather than “dental hopping” like you often get in larger cities. The books showed a solid practice, there was a good business base, and he really liked the staff. “My staff came with the business and I’ve grown to love them and their families. They are very hard working, they value their jobs, and they are on target with what we want to do here.” And, what is it that Dr. Terry and his staff want to accomplish? As Dr. Terry says, “Good, quality dental care is what makes people want to come back. We want every single person who comes through our doors to feel important. To accomplish that, we need to take time with them. If you take care of your people, you have a relationship, and that relationship is what builds your business because they tell a neighbor or a friend.”

We asked Dr. Terry why he chose the Prairie Times to advertise in and he said, “I knew there were lots of rural people in Elbert County who could be going to a dentist in the city. I wanted them to know we were here. I felt the Prairie Times was the best medium for that and it’s proven true. We get lots of new customers who tell us they saw our ad in the Prairie Times.”


Elizabeth Family Dental is a practice that caters to the family. They serve small children through great, great grandparents. Dr. Terry has taken special training to insure he has the knowledge to take care of dental needs for all ages. “I like variety and never wanted to specialize in one thing. I like seeing all ages and all types of dental needs. My work is never repetitive or boring. At the end of the day, I like to look back and say I did a lot of different things.”

Each work station in Elizabeth Family Dental is fitted with a computer that shows every detail you ever wanted to know about your teeth. The patient is a part of every discussion. Plenty of time is set aside, especially for the first visit so you feel at ease and well informed. Dr. Terry and Kelly Day (his Expanded Duties Dental Assistant) both are good at explaining what is happening, what needs to happen, and what the proper order needs to be to return your teeth to the best they can be. If you struggle with anxiety, or have had an uncomfortable experience with a dentist, Dr. Terry and his staff can make you feel in charge of your emotions again and give you a sense that you can do what needs done to put your dental health on the right path. They also have TVs and headsets above each dental chair for those who want to be distracted from the dental work going on.

Because Dr. Terry has a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, he is very good at helping those who are on the autism spectrum or have other issues. He can help your child (or you) navigate the exciting and sometimes confusing or frightening times when a dental exam, repair work, or cleaning is necessary.

Chris Mank, the Dental Hygienist, is just as personable, can easily describe what she will be doing for you, and what will need to happen for your best dental health at home. A follow-up phone call is also her way of making sure you’re doing well and understand her instructions. (Yes, flossing and brushing, and regular cleanings and exams are necessary!)

Dr. Terry and his staff also recognize how important it is to give back to the community. “So many people became doctors or dentists because they want to help people. That’s true for me too, but I feel the rubber needs to meet the road and sometimes we have to do more. We are involved with ECCO’s coat drive and also the free mouth guards for our young athletes because we are more than a business. We are people who care about others. It goes beyond these walls.”


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