Buck 'n' R Ranch

If you thought the Dumb Friend’s League was the only local animal rescue, think again.
Bonnie and Don Buckner started the Buck’n-R-Ranch Animal Rescue, Inc. (BRRARI) in February 2010 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit “no kill” domestic animal rescue and sanctuary, after they found an abandoned 15 year old cat at a storage facility. She was malnourished and so diminutive, they thought her half-grown, but despite her poor living conditions, she still came to them with a look of happiness to see them. She tugged their heartstrings. They took her home, and named her Olive. “That incident,” Bonnie says, “lit the fuse for us to do what we can to help neglected and abused domestic animals.”


They established BRRARI as an avenue to provide a safe haven for these animals, included but not limited to horses, mules, dogs, cats and small farm animals. “Our goal,” Bonnie says, “is to provide shelter through our Foster Home Program, administer health care, train, rehabilitate; and then rehome through our Adoption Program. Animals come to BRRARI through various avenues: owner relinquishment, strays, injured, feed lots and kill shelters.”

Even though running a rescue shelter provides its share of challenges, it’s a rewarding experience for Bonnie and Don. To the Buckners, “there is nothing more satisfying than to watch the progression of our animals from the time they arrive until they are adopted. To see them go from feelings of uncertainty to feelings of security and onto their forever home is a remarkable thing to experience.”

The greatest challenge this rescue faces is a need for funding, and involvement from the surrounding community. “We have found a lot of businesses and residents in the community are more apt to help out the larger, well known rescues,” Bonnie says. “That is great; however, the smaller rescues seem to be forgotten.”

You can help out through donating pet supplies, and volunteering your time and resources. Their greatest need at present is ongoing construction projects and excavation work that needs done. (Could you donate time? Supplies? Funds?) “We also can use assistance in administration and event planning,” she says. “It’s important to ensure the community knows we exist.”

Most of all, however, BRRARI needs foster homes and animal adoptions. “We have a growing need for foster families,” Bonnie says. “Due to zoning restrictions, we are limited to the number of dogs and cats we can have on our property at a given time. This limitation hinders us greatly in the amount of animals we are able to save from euthanization. Because of that, our greatest need is people opening up their hearts and homes to help these innocent creatures.”


BRRARI has ongoing programs such as adoption, foster homes, “No More Strays,” volunteering, and sponsorship. There are currently four horses in need of sponsorship. And since spring is “puppy season,” the rescue anticipates a slew of puppies in need of foster homes or adoption. Their needs also extend to a building fund, and “hay,” Bonnie says, “we always need hay.”
The Rescue’s original location was is Hesperus, CO on the outskirts of Durango, but they relocated to their current location in Franktown, in November 2012. The 22 acre Franktown facility houses their administrative office, and is where all domestic animals are taken in, trained, rehabilitated and can be viewed for adoption.

Please support this local rescue. Contact Bonnie for more info.


BRRARI: 303-660-5502


E-mail: bonnie at brrari.org

You can send checks to


Animal Rescue, Inc.

P.O. Box 128

Franktown, Co. 80116